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New book on Michael Dunahee to be released Friday

November 29, 2012 12:47 from James Gardner

Crystal Dunahee's son Michael has been missing since March 24th, 1991.

A new book is about to be released into the boy's mysterious dissapearance from a Victoria school yard so many years ago.  Crystal Dunahee was in the CFAX studio Thursday morning with CTV's Stephen Andrew who asked her what is harder, the days following the dissapearance, or the anniversaries?

"Ah, the days after were really difficult, and every anniversary.  Every event that comes up is difficult."

The book launch for "Vanished, the Michael Dunahee Story" is Friday night and is a fundraiser for Child Find BC.

Stephen asks, "Have you read the book?"

"I've started working my way through it, yes. It is hard reading about your life in print."

The book's cover includes a composite sketch of what Michael Dunahee would look like now.

"We're not looking for a four-year-old any more, we are looking for a young man, and having that picture out there and someone recognizing him, or him self recognizing is the whole idea behind the new photo."

The book launch is tomorrow at CFB Esquimalt Boardroom from 7 to 10pm, 1586 Esquimalt Road. 

For tickets, call 250-382-7311.