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Steve Duffy's Sports Comment For Friday, August 29th, 2014

It's bittersweet for me to see Victoria's two main junior hockey teams getting set for their respective seasons.

Frank Stanford's comment Friday Aug 29 2014

If the Capital Regional District has collapsed into complete dysfunctionality..."every man for himself" is the phrase Dean Fortin used yesterday...I have to wonder if it isn't the victim of a self fulfilling prophecy.
Certainly it has been popular for heap scorn on the CRD.  I have often cringed, when listening to somebody's harangue against the 'central government'...because that reflects misunderstanding of what the regional district is.
Most of the people who have called for it to be dismantled and replaced by a regionally amalgamated Council have got it exactly wrong.  A regional council would be empowered to ride roughshod over the wishes of its individual neighbourhoods, or boroughs.  Practice exactly the kind of tyranny the CRD cannot. 
It is a collective...a place for the various communities of the south island to come together and consider the advantrages of doing certain projects jointly. 
If at the end of the day they decide that they'd rather assert independence than  work together on a particular enterprise, everybody should be able to walk away with no hard feelings.
But over the years, quite frankly, some politicians have made careers out of blaming the CRD for any and all manner of ills.  It's become open season for vocal attack; some of it informed, some of it not. 
Much of it should be redirected to the individual partners rarher than the structure.  It's not the sand box that's broken.  It's the kids playing in it.
This is Frank Stanford

Steve Duffy's Sports Comment For Thursday, August 28th, 2014

I knew when I got to shake the hand of lacrosse legend Fred 'Whitey' Severson before last night's opening faceoff, it would be a good game.
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                  The Mayor of Victoria has suggested openly that the Capital Regional District is crumbling...
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